Somewhere between experimenting and creativity, we tend to often fall prey to trends. And so, since we all have 'our style', we just want to stick to it to avoid further embarrassment with a trend. Too bad, but it's the best we can do- at least for the time being. (Smiles).
Well, you'll agree with me that sometimes, we still want to look classy or simple- as may be the case- and in tune with trends, particularly, trends that give a detailed look, like the sunglass. Surprised? Yes- the sunglass, informally called shades, is a great fashion statement, capable of turning the simplest look into Hollywood royalty.

Sunglasses... What's with this trend?
From the name 'sunglasses', it is thought to function as a shield from the sun. On the contrary, history has it that the basic intent for this eyewear is to shield facial expressions. This idea of lenses with a sun-shielding quality dates back to Roman times. The old Emperor Nero in ancient Rome enjoyed outdoor spectacles, so the light will not bother his eyes. From there, eye wears were invented with several features to serve other purposes.
One of the first concepts invented in the 12th century, had smoky lenses (to hide the face and its expressions). Later on, they became tinted to aid vision. The science of sunglass technology continued till date as it does not only fulfil its basic fashion intent, but as well properly shields the eyes from rays.
Why Sunglasses?
The sunglass is dichotomous, having two lenses. It is however, polytomous in use. (Lol). It'll interest you to know that many folks wear sunglasses for diverse reasons. Crafty!
Truly, sunglasses are for protection- from the sun, from ultraviolet rays or radiation. They come tinted. It's protection function is just one of the many other reasons for people, male and female, being spectacled, with a sunglass. I already mentioned that it is a fashion statement, and with it, comes this glamorous look, like that of an unofficial celebrity. Need I say that? It draws attention too? Of course! Everyone turns in wonder, whispering, "who's that?" (Love that?).
Also, for some shy persons who'll possibly want to avoid eye contact with certain or every individual(s), Aha! - Sunglasses... It's a secret. For folks like myself, who'd rather their natural look to the fun of applying makeup, the sunglass is a plus. It could even be that you love the enhancing feature of makeup, but today is one of those days when you don't just feel like it. Yet, there's still that urge to look classy, in your being minimal. No worries- a sunglass!

We could go on. I doubt we can exhaust the variance in the use of a sunglass. It has been in trend and it still is. Okay, having known a bit of the elegance contained in this trendy fashion element, ladies and gentlemen, adventurous and unadventurous, I present to you, the Frames in Trend. (Hurray!).
 Oversized round and aviator sunglasses: This trend is for both genders, male and female. 'Oversized' isn't awkward. This one is a more glamorous trend. It comes out better when combined with vintage. So, it's a pair of vintage oversize aviators.
 Cool flat top sunglasses: For adventurous men and women, here you go! This trend is definitely a style you don't want to let go. It can either embellish your outfit or keep it cool. It all depends on the frame it comes with.
 Small 90's Inspired skinny sunglasses: The name right? - It's been on since the 90's and it’s still trendy. Spotted on celebrities who are fashion icons. You can rock this style on casuals and red carpet outfits. As the name implies, the frame isn't big enough for sun protection. It still is, worth a try.
 Tinted lens glasses: This is about the biggest trend over the years. It comes in several colours, and as such, majority wear it for fashion. If you'll go for this trend, you'll do better to choose those with thin metal frames. You can as well make choices of lenses, as they come in different shapes and sizes. Make tinted glasses an everyday look, thus creating 'your signature piece', or keep it cool once in a while.
 Angular cat-eye sunglasses: Another big one. The cat-eye trend is undergoing great refurbish, as the styles become classier and elegant. You can work your way around large and oversize cat-eye, together with casual outfits.
Selecting Sunglasses based on brand
The choice of sunglasses is dependent on many characteristics. Asides face shape and taste, individuals choose sunglasses based on the product's brand, lens, shape, size, price, color etc. The brand of a sunglass is a major feature to be considered before you select. In no particular order, below is a list of five top sunglasses brands in the world.
 Persol: This Italian eyewear maker founded by Giuseppe Ratti is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world. Its brand name, derived from an Italian phrase 'per il sole' means 'for the sun'. The brand is known for durable and stylish sunglasses.
 Ray- ban: This is about the most popular brand worldwide. It is an American eyewear company founded in 1937. One of the most popular products of this brand is the aviator sunglasses.
 Warby Parker: Firstly, established in 2010. It is one of the most affordable sunglass brand for sale. Warby Parker products are mainly sold online. It is truly affordable, and without doubt, stylish.
 ic! berlin: Founded in 1996 by Ralph Anderl, this brand specializes in producing light and flexible sunglasses. It is thus suitable for people who desire comfort.
 Mykita: I love the name! This brand is a German eyewear manufacturer. It is known to have won several awards too. It was founded in 2003 by a couple of individuals. Although quite expensive, the cheapest being sold for about $300, Mykita products are worth the price. The quality is topnotch!
You no longer need to fear experimenting or being creative with your looks. With a pair of sunglasses, you'll be surprised at the stare. Do not only get a pair to keep off the sun from your eyes, use that dazzling pair to still feel like you've got it. (Winks). As a fashion icon in your own right, don't be left out. Get a spectacle today